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From the article: “Grant writer Nicole Hayden, who is a reporter for the Times Herald, said she hopes the event creates the “very dreamy image in my head” of area residents and art lovers spreading out picnic blankets, walking among the sculptures and dancing to the live entertainment as night falls.

‘It’s more like a sculpture garden, if people are familiar with the Meijer Gardens on the west (side of the state),” she said. “We’ve had exhibits in the past, but this is twice as big as any exhibit that we’ve hosted in Port Huron, and it’s a way to experience the sculptures differently and you will be able to all year.'”

From the article: “Sculpture can be a lot of things. It can be surprising, it can be compelling, it can be just (an) appreciation for the form in an outdoor space.”

From the article: “The Port Huron Art Initiative, operating under the Port Huron Downtown Development Authority, received $12,950 for an outdoor sculpture exhibit…

…The Port Huron Art Initiative has previously hosted outdoor sculpture exhibits in 2014 and 2015, each featuring about 10 pieces along the Thomas Edison Parkway and in downtown Port Huron.

The grant funds, along with the matching funds to be raised, will be used to host another temporary outdoor sculpture exhibit, placing 20 sculptures along the parkway. Instead of spreading the art out among the city, the placement will allow for an outdoor art gallery that walkers and bicyclists can wind their way through along the St. Clair River.

The exhibit will be in place from around April 2017 to April 2018.

Their grant project also includes an educational piece that will work up to a sculpture festival in the fall of 2017 along the parkway. The festival will exhibit live sculpture demonstrations, sculptor meet-and-greets, and other educational opportunities.

It will cost about $32,000 to rent the sculptures, plus the additional costs of hosting the festival. The arts committee is currently seeking donations and sponsorships for the exhibit and event.”

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